17 April 2012

Lilypad gone to the show and back home with a pair of blackbirds

BCTF is always overwhelming having a mixture of excitement, nerves and fatigue. Nevertheless, thanks to all the visitors to our stand, I have received many positive comments from galleries, which I must follow up soon. 

The show is good opportunity to meet artists in person too. Here are wonderful people who I met at the show. Phiona Richards creates amazing paper sculptures and jewellery out of books. Samantha Robinson’s unique porcelain work are so tiny and adorable. (click their name to view the site) They were both very energetic and great to speak to. It was lovely to meet you both. Today was ended with a bit of hunting goodies, including these gorgeous glass earrings handmade by Catherine Keenan. So ace to see you again, Catherine. And must not forget, always a joy to see Adam Frew’s work. xm 

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  1. Hi Maki...so that's where you are hiding out!! Hope u had fun at BTCF....absolutely love your Lilypads xxxx