19 March 2012

good day forward

i did a quick work at college this morning, then prepared tomorrow’s presentation smoothly in the afternoon. i picked muscari from our garden, then cooked Japanese dinner. it was rather nice day. totally opposite to the weekend just gone. kind messages have helped me. i guess all depend on my mind set. yes, i'm going to make tomorrow a good day like this, too. 

how was your day? hope it was sound to you. x m 


  1. Going through loss of someone we love is one of the hardest things in life but somehow, like magic, memories of those people also give us strength to carry on and make the best of our life as much as we can, they remain our inspiration forever.
    I'm glad you're having a good day, here's hoping there's many more to come :)

    1. I think your word is so true, Veronika. Thank you for your message. x m