5 February 2012

winter goes round

The weather forecast in Britain is a little hit and miss, but it did snow after all. Unlike my step-son who dashed out to sledge with his mates early this morning, snuggling in bed was preferable. Start with a bowl of blueberry porridge and a drop of melted local honey. The studio was rather warm from the heat of firing last night (thank god). Checking the result of transfers that was rather a battle. It was half good and half not good. Must find out why the transfer decal keeps coming off on the edge. (any solutions welcome) Oh, winter heaven, winter hell…  xm


  1. love the new designs Maki...keep warm kxxx

  2. I truly want to see more of your ceramic. Like your work so much. I enjoy so much the card from you. I keep it in my workingbook- which means close to the heart:) Hope this winterday will be fine. Take care!