26 November 2011


It’s nearly the end of November. This is so unreal! I have lost a track of time completely. Thank you so much for many kind words on tribute to David and those who replied to my dissertation questionnaire. How could I manage without your support?? I really do not know. It's been a rather hard and emotional time for me, but also helped me reflect on my life and what I must do to move forward. So thanks again everyone. In the next post, I will announce the winner of my christmas gift prize draw from those who kindly participated to my questionnaire, so please do pop back!

Here are a bit of catching up of this month…

FLARE in earlier this month went well. It is always nice listening to people’s feedback. Many thanks to K for the beautiful scarf :) 

Adam Frew came to our college to do a demonstration. You just cannot take your eyes off his stunning work (and gorgeous Adam)! 

Dissertation is currently overtaking everything, but in between the nightmare of 'reading English books', I have also been busy experimenting for new work, which are gradually building up the forms, so have a peek...

Wrap up warm, folks! x maki


  1. You have been very busy,the new work looks intriguing,and yes Adam is gorgeous.

  2. Oh Maki, beautiful dishes! I've been working on some similar forms in stoneware, but your porcelain is exquisite!

  3. good to see you back here and your beautiful work again :) It's been a busy November for me too and I can't believe it's nearly December and that we're so close to the end of this year. But keeping my fingers crossed we all get some downtime soon to indulge in a bit of a rest and some time to do some creative stuff :)

  4. Are those going to be screen prints at the bottom? They look fantastic!

  5. Sarah Michael28/11/11 14:49

    Hi Maki
    You don't seem to "make a mess with clay"- your work looks beautiful!

  6. I like the white plates!

  7. Thanks all!

    Christian, yes that is screenprinting that will go on the porcelain platters. Will show you up here soon. xm