7 August 2011

should wait or should not?

We went to POTFEST yesterday. POTFEST is one of the annual ceramic festivals in Britain where over 100 potters sell their work at a three day event. I have been visiting there almost every year since I first viewed David’s work back in 2000. It was lovely to find his stand filled with many visitors attracted to those dynamic strokes of colours on his work. I was one of them of course, like a bumble bee that cannot resist the taste of summer flowers. 

I have dreamt about doing POTFEST one day and that day has not arrived yet. Even David has encouraged me for some times especially since I have gone back to work with clay, I hesitated. Lack of confidence is always the issue. When do I ever overcome such a thing? Lots to consider for a big event like this, in particular financially to be there for three days. What if I do not sell anything? Should I wait until when I…(many excuses here)? Who knows such answers? The application of next years POTFEST will start this autumn. I am gradually building up the positive mood for going ahead at last… xm 

images of colourful majolica work by David White


  1. Dear Maki, absolutely you must apply to Potfest. Be confident, your work is beautiful and people will love it!!!!

  2. go for it M....what's the worst that can happen?kx

  3. Dear Maki, I know it's easy for me to say that you should be confident because your work is beautiful and that you should just go, because I know that we all doubt ourselves a lot and it's not easy to break through those doubts. But if you don't believe me when I tell you that your work is beautiful then you should know that everyone who has seen your beautiful birds that now live in my home has said exactly the same, everybody loves them. You have fans you don't even know about, you see? I hope you apply and go, I know you will be a success :)

  4. Yes, I think you should begin to go and do so annually, as you will build on your customer list each year. And each time they will look forward to seeing you and adding to their collection. And its such a well known show, with very stellar artists~

  5. Go for it! You have great work and you own style. Be proud of what you make and let others have the possibility to get to know your work. I am sooo much supporting you! Big hug:)

  6. Anonymous8/8/11 08:34

    Go for it Maki!!

  7. Why don't you apply this autumn and save up money during the rest of the year (bit by bit) so that you can afford the costs of the booth (because I assume that's what's worrying you). It might be an investment in year #1, but if you spread the costs over a whole year, it might not be that bad. After all, your work is excellent and deserves a bigger audience. Don't let the costs mess with your confidence, it are two separate things!

  8. Mary ,East Coventry USA8/8/11 16:24

    Yes- this is the year! Your work is beautiful and if your mentor David thinks it is something you are ready to do, then trust him and your self and go for it.
    Best wishes-

  9. Thank you so much everyone for your words and advice. You certainly are the biggest support to boost my confidence.