3 March 2011

girl’s day

Today was girl’s day in Japan. We display Ohinasama dolls to celebrate the day, wishing for girls' growth and happiness, traditionally believing that dolls take the place when illness comes. When I was young, my mother used to display a pair of beautifully hand-crafted dolls for me every year. These new small dolls are a gift from her that arrived yesterday. Bringing me back some memories :) Thanks mum. 

By the way, boy’s day is 5th May and it’s a National Holiday, whilst today isn’t. I always felt unfair, especially having grown up with two brothers. xm 


  1. Happy Girl's Day!
    I think girl's day sounds wonderful and how great to get such a thoughtful gift from your mother!


  2. maki that is just soooo lovely...hurrah for mummys i say! perhaps this is a custom we english should adopt as we seem to celebrate every thing else! happy girls day to you xxx

  3. happy girl's day Maki and boo to the boys for getting the holidays!

  4. Beautiful dolls... And studio and pottery. I haven't been by in awhile. Glad to see you are doing well!

  5. These are beautiful and I absolutely love the idea of girl's day, I think we should all celebrate it :)