26 November 2010

thought on the first snow

Yesterday, here in North Yorkshire we had first snow in this season. As I arrived at my work and looked through the small window within the dark workshop room, I decided to go out and shoot some images before my students arrived. I can still remember clearly that I was doing the similar thing at this time last year. Where the heck has the time gone??? Another year gone by. Time seems to be unforgiving the past few years. I am in the middle of the most manic part of my course work, prior to our group exhibition in the local town centre next week, all this interactive installation and expedition sort of wacky (well, meant to be!) event to the public. I really want to sink my head down in the cold snow if possible, that’s how I feel. Well, the good thing is that I had rather a good and productive year over all. So can’t be bad. Looks like we’re going to have more snow this weekend. Wrap up warm and have a lovely weekend, everyone. 
My first give away is coming soon! watch this space. xm


  1. Dearest Maki, these are gorgeous photos and first snow ~ awesome! I do adore snow sooo much! This is as close as i can get to seeing snow! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy thanksgiving and i hope it's full to the brim! Love to yoU!

  2. Snow is coming our way as well, not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not as it usually brings chaos on the road and it becomes a real challenge to get to work :D Love the photos :)

  3. The first snow of the year makes me as excited as a little girl. I feel exactly the same about how the year has just flown by. Can't wait to see what loveliness will feature in your giveaway!

  4. Snow makes for great photography. I have some recent snow photos. I think that I should post them soon.