30 June 2017

bloom and grow

Have you ever seen any photographs that inspired you for the first sight? The image that grabbed your attention instantly and makes you want to look closer. The image that makes you feel so comfortable and makes you so happy. I have so often as a matter of fact, and always wonder how do they do it?? 

Since I started Instagram, I became more and more intense in creating the images in my head. When photographing ceramics, it can easily go wrong by looking like just a product shot, which I always wanted to avoid. Of course, beautiful product shot is important itself and good for selling the work after all. But for me, it was more than that. It’s like sharing a part of me, a part of journey, a part of my life. I wanted to reach out, connect to the audience and tell a story. I wanted to get better at it, but struggled to figure out how. 

Then there it was, a new online course "bloom and grow" by Sara Tasker from me_and_orla. The four week course to learn how to create more effective visual images using flowers. I had an eye on what she does for a while and listened to her podcasts, which are just excellent. So I was intrigued with her new course, but you know me, at first I hesitated. Would it be really helpful? Can I actually manage within my time? What’s got to do with flowers with my ceramics? All those questions popped into my head, but after reading the more details, my curiosity has won. And I am so pleased that I signed up. Indeed I’ve learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Each week, we had a key element to work on. She gave us ideas behind and sound reasons that she has already researched, which is good for me of course! We practiced and stretched our mind and imagination through some tasks on the way leading to the end of week challenge. It would be difficult to explain in short, so please have a look at some of my work each week.

What do you think? Anything stood out to you? If you would like to see the detailed information of each image, please have a look at my Instagram (→here). You can find all of those captions. 

Obviously some are better than other, and more uncomfortable than other. But even for something that was totally out of my comfort zone and I felt so challenged, I hope I’ve managed to push myself to try thinking with a different perspective. What I realised after taking this course, it was not just about how to. It was also about learning myself and my true voice. On the top of that, the connections I made through other cohorts has been amazing. So supportive and inspiring. There are so many others that I would like to introduce to you here, but the best way to find out more, you can click the photo gallery of this course #bloomandgrowtogether (here). Hope you will find your fav, I am sure!  

By the way, the image on the top is a part of my excersise in this course and I made a short video. You can view it (here). 


  1. I love ALL these photos, but how could I not choose the one of your daughter's flying hair and flowers? Too lovely and light!
    Good work.

    I don't have a mobile phone or device (I just use a laptop), so I can't use Instagram, but I like seeing more of your photos there. Still, thanks for maintaining the blog as well, for us old-timers."
    (Funny that blogs are already old-fashioned...)

    1. Thank you so much Fresca! Lovely hearing from you. Funny you say about the blog being old fashioned... I was actually thinking whether I discontinue or not, but to be honest, those social media can change anytime, whilst blog is still personal to me and write it more in depth, whilst Instagram can't. And of course I have lovely blog followers like you so can't possibly ignore them! Thank you for popping by.